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"The Mark of Halam"


USS Ulysses: State-of-the-art nuclear submarine. Deterrent. Target.

When an Olympic medalist is the subject of an attempted assassination, former SAS trooper Jeff Bradley knows his past is once again casting a shadow over his new life. A note left by the assassin confirms his suspicions: Bradley made an enemy back in Kosovo, and the man is out for revenge. But Jeff knows the killer is not working alone: higher up the ranks sits Avni Leka, a terrorist warlord who will stop at nothing to achieve his bloody goal.

And it’s not just Bradley who is under threat. A hijacking leads him to sense something bigger is being planned—a plot that, if successful, will end thousands of innocent lives, and could light the touchpaper of global conflict.

He can’t allow it to happen. But events are spiralling out of control. Bradley knows he must reach the eye of the storm before it tears his world apart.

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 "The Field of Blackbirds"


The Jeff Bradley thriller 'The Field of Blackbirds' is now available on Amazon. Published by Thomas and mercer. A must read. 

Former SAS soldier Jeff Bradley thought he had left warzones behind when he inherited a vineyard in rural New Zealand. But now his vineyard manager, Arben Shala, has gone missing in his native Kosovo. An enigmatic message tells Jeff that his friend is in grave danger. Determined to find Arben and bring him home, Jeff travels to Kosovo and finds a lawless state in the grip of criminal gangs. Corrupt officials obscure every lead. With the help of USAID director Morgan Delaney, Jeff delves into the province’s seedy underworld and uncovers a conspiracy of terrifying scale. A web of dark connections links the captors with a terrorist bombing campaign across Europe, and now it is no longer just Arben whose survival is at stake. Double-crossed by allies, watched at every turn, can Jeff get to the heart of the conflict before the warlords get to him?

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 Are you being watched?

 Paranoia the illness of the 21st Century. Really? If you have that unshakeable sense      that someone is following your every move don't dismiss it out of hand. Friends will tell  you go see a Doctor and the Doctor will tell you go see a Psychologist and the  Psychologist will send you to a Psychiatrist and the Psychiatrist will dull your senses  with drugs. And all along you were right, they were all watching you!!!


 Free Short Story 

 My new short story, 'John Wayne', is a fiction story of how the famous movie star participated in a secret meeting during WWII that  almost brought about an end to the war. If anyone could do it the Duke could do it and ......... read

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A writers mind is a fertile ground for fleeting thoughts and images. Now and again some are remembered long enough to be written down. Academic observers have labelled them as philosophical wisdom but learned men see them for what they are, the meanderings of a befuddled mind. Ryan reveals his inner












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As a writer my ambition is to create exciting stories and if, when the last page is turned, the reader stares at the cover and says, "Damn, that was a great read," I have done my job.

The New Jeff Bradley Thriller


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A Jeff Bradley thriller


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Short stories that entertain

"Ryan is a master storyteller."

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Volume 2 entertainment plus.



"Each story a treasure"

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